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What is

We are a advertising platform with added bonuses of shared revenue through our advertising sales and services.


** We are not an investment. If you deem an investment do not create an account and exit the site. We are a platform that provides quality advertisement with an opportunity to earn a portion of revenue generated from sales. We cannot guarantee earnings from your advertisement because this is solely depending upon revenue generated by Results may vary for all advertisers because efforts made will be different, therefore, we cannot guarantee earnings or exact results.

What processors are accepted?

Payeer and any Bitcoin processor are accepted to make purchases.

How long does it take for bitcoin transaction to show up in my wallet?

Bitcoin transaction when purchasing needs confirms from blockchain on both the advertiser and seller side. This transaction can take from 1 to 3 hour to confirm through blockchain. Once confirmed payment will be credited to your account automatically. This is not done manually by

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $10.

Can I request a refund?

Refunds are not given becuase provides a digital advertising platform and once credits or services are purchased they are delivered immediately. Therefore we cannot provide a refund.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal is $10 and the maximum withdrawal is $150 daily.

What are the site rules?

We do not accept any advertising for gambling websites, nudity websites, or any inappropriate sites that do not pertain to marketing and advertising opportunities. If you  post or attempt to post any of the restricted advertisement you account will be immediately banned.

What days can I submit a Withdrawal request?

Withdrawal request can be submitted Monday Through Friday.

How long does it take to receive a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are completed in the order they are received and completed daily based on revenue generated from sell of services. Although request are completed daily, in some instances request can take up to 48hrs+. If you have not received your request after the alotted time please submit a support ticket.

How can I purchase adpacks?

You can purchase adpacks with new deposits only. This allows fresh purchases to always come in that we can share with each and everyone of our advertisers.

Why can't I purchase adpacks with my earnings or commission wallet?

We do not allow purchases with earnings and commission because there is no compounding internally. All compounding will be done externally and this allows all particpants to decide wether they would like to add funds back or withdraw.

Do I have to surf ads to earn a portion of the revenue sales generated?

Yes, in order to receive revenue earnings you must surf 5 ads daily, which allows all advertisers to gain traffic to their opportunities and qaulify you for earnings.

How can I build more adpacks to reach a specific daily dollar amount?

All purchases are made with new deposit. You can withdraw your earnings or commission daily and decide how much you would like to add back to the platform to grow you number of adpacks. This platform was designed to never stall based on daily sales and no compounding internally.

Is there referral commission offered for affiliates?

Yes, referral commission is offered and the commission is 10%.

Is my personal information protected?

Yes, all personal infromation is protected and will never be shared outside of

Are multiple accounts allowed in

No. If you are caught with multiple accounts, they will be immediately deleted and all earnings will be forfeited. There are no exceptions to this rule.

How long does it take for adpacks to expire?

There is no set time for adpacks to expire. We share a portion of revenue generated daily, therefore daily revenue shared will vary.

Are membership renewals automatic?

Membership renewals are not automatic. You will have to renew monthly by making your payment.

Can the membership fee be paid from my account balance?

Membership fees cannot be paid from account balance.

What advertising services do I receive with the purchase of one (1) Adpack?

With the purchase of one (1) Adpack you will receive the following advertising services:

1000 Banner Ad Credits, 500 Website Credits and 100 Text Ad Credits.